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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Course Overview

The main objective of the COSHH training is to prevent or control exposure to substances which are hazardous to health and covers the regulations in sufficient depth to enable delegates to carry out or assist in risk assessment.

Who will benefit

The course is suitable for all employees whose job is directly or indirectly associated with chemical hazardous substances (managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Laboratory Personnel, Operating Process Personnel and Safety Representatives)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course delegates will be better able to:
  • Identify the requirements of COSHH Regulations
  • Recognise the implications and requirements of COSHH and apply them in their own workplace
  • Carry out simple risk assessment and recognize when specialist support is needed


After successful pass of course test the delegate will receive course completion certificate.

Training Key Facts

Duration: 2 days
Place: To be confirmed
Price: Includes course materials, assessment & сertificate
Certification: BAITAU Certificate

Course price

To be provided by request

Group size

Up to 15 delegates per group


Day 1
1. What is hazardous chemical substance?
  • What is the difference of hazardous aggressive substances from other substances, substances classification and their properties as related to way of impact on personnel
  • Poison schedules / hazard classification
  • Exposure control and handling methods
  • Hazardous chemical information sources
  • Criteria for identification of hazardous chemical substance
2. General principles of risks prevention /control over chemical substances
  • General principle of control
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Potential of chemical substance’s impact and firs aid
Day 2

3. Methods on personnel protection from hazardous chemical exposure
  • MSDS
  • Other information sources
  • Emergency equipment (emergency showers /eye wash stations /other)
  • Application of appropriate PPE and proper choice of PPE
  • Importance of provision of a ventilation in the premises
4. Storage and safe use of chemical substances

5. Recommendations on safe handling of chemical substances

6. Practical training along with assessing risks of one of hazardous chemical substances

During course delivery five training video shows will be presented

For booking and questions please contact:

Atyrau Tel/Fax: +7 (7122) 509 509
Astana Tel/Fax: +7 (7172) 911 499
Almaty Tel/Fax +7 (727) 291 47 67
Aktau Tel/Fax: +7 (7292) 434 090
Aktobe Tel/Fax: +7 (7132) 908 912

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